Stefan Voglsinger is an improviser and performer based in Vienna/Austria.
He studied drums, music & movement pedagogy and sound for films in Cuba.
Voglsinger focuses on interdisciplinary experiments and works with sound and image, developing performances or audiovisual installations including selfbuilt or hacked electronic circuits. This leads to many collaborations with different artists and collectives in Austria and abroad as well as projects including film, dance and theatre. At Setzkasten Wien he modifies analog film projectors, works in the darkroom and the sound studio. As a curator he organizes regularly exhibitions, concerts and gives Circuit Cooking soldering workshops in schools, associations and festivals.

Contact: voglsinger[a]klingt[dot]org  |  Setzkasten Wien

Moozak Festival, 2017, Foto: Markus Gradwohl
Foto Front Page: Transcription of an Error, Moscow 2018, Credit: Svetlana Selezneva