Cathodic Drum

Stromschiene  |  Alte Schmiede 2020

solo concert for electronics and basedrum. acoustic sounds of a bass drum merge with spatially distributed synthetic sinus drones. The drum serves as a projection surface and live trigger for the electronics.

bl├Âderdrittermittwoch┬á |┬á rhiz

A base drum is used as a screen. Acoustic noises and deep drones are sent through a quadrophonic speaker system.

Visuals by Michael Sarcault: Video Mixer, Mini TV, CCTV Camera, Feedback Amplifier

Audio: 19′ Basedrum, 2 Drumsynth modules and panning effects, different brushes and objects

Endzeitschokoladenhohlk├Ârper at Rhiz 2017
Fotos: Markus Gradwohl