GRADZ composition

Recorded at Muchitschhof by Conny Zenk

With circling sound art in public places by Isabella Forciniti, Daniel Lercher, Rahel Kraft, Veronika Mayer, Rojin Sharafi, Stefan Voglsinger and Conny Zenk (commissions by open music in cooperation with RAD Performance) and soundtracks by chmafu nocords und Interstellar Records.

RAD Performance presents concerts on bicycles and sound art with mobile loudspeakers in motion and in the open air. The bicycle becomes the medium for sound art in public space and the inspiration for music and performance works. For the music compositions, media artist Conny Zenk will provide field recordings of various places in Graz along the planned route as source material. Thus for the first time, site-specific compositions conceived as circular movements will be presented. In cooperation with Interstellar Records and chmafu nocords, mixes of the labels will also be heard in the urban space. Equipped as a swarm with mobile PA loudspeakers, RAD Performance moves through the city. The street becomes a stage, the bicycle a sound vehicle, the collective ride a concert.

In cooperation with open music, MUWA ÔÇô Museum der WahrnehmungStadtteilzentrum GrazSchaumbadFahrradk├╝che Graz and others.

Thanks to: Ute Pinter, Martin Behr, Eva Ursprung, Elke Murlasits, Eva F├╝rstner, Elisabeth Hufnagl, Tom Tiger, and many more.


RAD Performer*innen: FLINTA FAHRRADK├ťCHE Graz
K├╝nstlerische Leitung: Conny Zenk
Technische Leitung: Georg Hartl
Dramaturgie / Konzept: Conny Zenk & Rahel Kraft
Kost├╝m: Astrid Eder / sew.i.y.
Kamera: Ioana Tarchila / Jan Polak
Tontechnik: Philipp Rauchwarter / Benedikt Brands
Eine Produktion von RAD Performance in Koproduktion mit open music Graz