Jürgen Berlakovich: guitar, bass & electronics
Stefan Voglsinger: drums & electronics
DNA sequences (Mammoth, Opium, Malaria, Dengue, Peyote, Aedes Aegypti, SARS-CoV-2…): Electronics

Jürgen Berlakovich uses a specially developed DNA sonification software for his compositions and live-sets. This DNA-sound-translator is able to transform DNA sequences into sound and music on the basis of a genetic system called Codon. The DNA sequences thus become almost fully-fledged musicians and independently „play“ various synthesizers and virtual electronic instruments.

Berlakovich performs live together with drummer Stefan Voglsinger. Interacting with various DNA sequences, they form an idiosyncratic musical trio that combines drums and bass and guitar riffs with DNA-generated electronic sound textures.

The resulting music spans – depending on the DNA sequences, for example from mammoths, peyote, dengue and malaria pathogens, various mosquito species or even the SARS-CoV-2 genome – a narrative framework of its own, oscillating musically between melancholic jazz sounds, ambient textures, rock and noise.