Wurmloch II


sound installation, 2 silver PVC Tubes – sender and receiver, electronics (radio mic, amplifier, eq, mixer, speaker)

Date: 2017

Wormwhole II connects 2 places acoustically through time and space. Sound is transmitted – the time continuum folded – over and over again.


Transient Hole (Variations) I | Zentrale Vienna | 2017
Transient Hole (Variations IV | FP24 Antwerp | 2018
Transient Hole (Variations) V | Spektrum Berlin | 2018
Transient Hole (Variations) X | Furtherfield Gallery London | 2018

Transient hole (Variations) A hybrid of an artistic/curatorial project and a scientific symposium with the aim of establishing the transient hole research as a new discipline in arts and science. THR is about creating a moving hole in a solid ground and about it`s utility.
curated by alexander felch